North: Zones 1, 5, 6




•Rake up debris and leaves from winter.

•Growing season starts. Mow grass 3 inches high. Leave clippings on lawn.
•Apply first dose of fertilizer. (Step #1 Slow Release Fertilzer with Pre-Emergent crabgrass control)
•Treat for crabgrass with pre-emergent herbicide or eco-friendly corn gluten.

May - June
•Pull or spot-treat dandelions or treat whole lawn with post-emergent weed control. (ONLY if you have a yard FULL of weeds: Step #2 Slow Release Fertilizer with Lock-Up Weed Killer)
•Fertilize six to eight weeks after first dose. (Step #3 Slow ReleaseFertilizer with Pre-Emergent crabgrass control)

•Water if rainfall is below 1 inch a week.
•Treat for grubs using beneficial nematodes. (Step #4 Slow Release Fertilizer with 2-way Insecticide for surface insects AND systemic grub control)

Late August–September
•Dethatch and aerate with core aerator when rains resume and ground softens.
•Fertilize and seed. (Step #5 Core Aerate, Over-Seed, Starter Fertiizer, and Lime if needed)

•Rake leaves.
•Fertilize six to eight weeks after last feeding. (Step #6 Winterizer Fertilizer)
•At final cut, after a few frosts, mow 2 inches high.

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