Xtrasun 600W 120/240V HPS Ballast

Xtrasun 600W 120/240V HPS Ballast

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Add an Xtrasun ballast to your indoor garden and reap the rewards without breaking your budget. All Xtrasun ballasts offer reliable service you can count on for everything from fragile stems to your hardiest annuals. We keep prices on the Xtrasun line low to ensure that there’s a ballast for everyone. Produced from materials made in the United States, the Xtrasun features construction, such as its unique patented aluminum housing, you’d find on much higher-priced ballasts. The convection cooling on this ballast is so solid that all units include a five-year warranty, the longest in its class.


  • Dual voltage
  • Xtra versatile ... works with most fixtures
  • Xtra value ... Super affordable
  • Aluminum fins, louvers, and ports for extra cooling efficiency
  • Compatible with all Hydrofarm reflectors and most others
  • CSA certified
Note: The BAS600A currently doesn't have additional voltage wires on the transformer, only 120V and 240V. 
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