Monthly Specials

Monthly Specials

February Email Specials

Winterizers: 32-0-6 fertilizer OR 24-5-11 fertilizer on sale $30.00, 3+ $27.00
ALL bird accessories 10% OFF, 15% OFF w/birdfood purchase
Hydroponics and grow lights 10% OFF, 15% OFF w/ $100.00+ purchase (excludes items ending in .00)
50lb Calcium Pellets Ice Melt - SRP $19.98 -10% SALE $17.98
50lb Rock Salt - SRP $7.98 SALE $7.00
ALL Starter Fertilizer, Lime and Gypsum 15% OFF with the purchase of 50lbs of grass seed! If you plan on seeding this spring do it early and hold off on the pre-emergent until mid April
Bio-Dynamic Compost Tea: We now have a Microbe Maker in the back of our store that brews 24/7. The special brewer creates a vortex implosion effect, oxygenating the compost tea for 24 hours multiplying the beneficial bacteria and microbes. Spraying this "Biodynamic Compost" onto the tops and bottoms of vegetating leaves feeds and protects them at the same time. It's like adding an invisible force field round your plants that discourages pests and molds from making a home there. 
This is the best way to treat bad soil as well! Adding this compost tea into the soil colonizes beneficial bacteria and fungi replenishing the soil resulting in greater root mass and all around stronger plants. Excellent to use on lawns, gardens, indoor/outdoor plants, and hard-to-grow areas. It can be used as a foliar spray or soil drench, it's sold by the gallon, 5 gallons, etc. 1 Gallon is $5 and can be diluted with more water. 5 Gallons is $20. Ask an associate about purchasing more than 5 gallons! (Please bring in an empty container if planning on purchasing it, we run out fast!)
Treflan 40lb bag covers 8-10k sq ft. SALE $35.00. Treflan is the same as Preen but 3.5x stronger. Stop weed germination in garden/landscape beds and areas with decorative rocks. Treflan is a professional products and a great value when compared to box store brands, not to mention it will last 3 times longer keeping your landscaped areas weed free. Apply twice once early spring and again summer/fall. Treflan is a must have for homeowners it will save you so much time puling weeds and your landscape will look much cleaner
ALL liquid weed killers 10% OFF
Remember weed killers should be applied in the morning, on wet grass, on a day without rain. And only kill weeds as needed!
ALL granular weed killers 10% OFF (including weed & feed)
Pro-Mix potting soils back in stock! We have small bags, medium bags, and big bails on sale and much better quality than box store brands. Most people assume dirt is just dirt but when we get down to the roots there's a big difference in quality. Pro-Mix and our other potting soils are cleaner and superior when it comes to drainage, moisture, aeration, and most importantly root establishment. Pro-Mix is the #1 brand used by nurseries world wide. 

NEW Coast OF Maine potting soils and amendments in!
NEW LeafGro Organic Compost & Soil Conditioner $5.98 each, 10+ $5.50
NEW Down To Earth Omri Certified soil amendments 10% OFF 
NEW Black Gold potting soils SALE $8.98 each
NEW Botanical Interests NON GMO picture packs garden seeds now available!
HAMERS HOT ONES premium grade wood pellets (for wood pellet stoves) now available! (in reference to next winter of course)
Coco Shell Mulch is on its way out. Sadly our supplier no longer stocks it so we have limited stock available 
PREMIUM BARK MULCH is on sale for $6.00 a bag or 10 for $50.00! Real Bark is one of the old Sweeney Favorite mulch's. It holds true to its value with long lasting color and big bags that spread further with a all natural color that will separate your landscape from everyone's traditional colored mulch that fades after a month (Don't forget to apply Treflan before and/or after spreading mulch!)

If you have any questions please email me direct or give us a call at the store 302-834-0440.

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Step #1: 19-0-6 30%SCU w/.38 barricade OR 18-0-4 30%SCU w. 1.03% Dimension (Apply March 15th - April 15th)

* Covers 10-12k sq ft per 50lb bag

* .38% Barricade prevents crabgrass and other annual weeds from germinating

* Slow release fertilizer keeps grass consistently green up to 6 weeks

* 3/4 lb of Nitrogen per 1,000 sq ft

* Also great time to apply Solu-Cal Lime

Step #1 fertilizer with crabgrass control prevents crabgrass seeds and weed seeds from germinating before they take over the lawn. Barricade @ .38% concentration is the chemical used to prevent crabgrass and weeds. It is similar to "Holts" (Pendimethalin) but a newer, stronger and more effective chemical used by professionals.  The slow release nitrogen gives the turf a nice consistant green color over a 4-6 week period, preventing burnout and stress on the roots for a more sustained root system, while the potash helps establish a strong root system. This is one of the most important steps to establishing a green weed free lawn; skipping this step results in a lot of crabgrass and weeds. This can also be applied with SoluCal Lime to sweeten the soil and make the nutrients more available to the turf, resulting in stronger roots and greener grass.


Step #2: 20-0-7 30% SCU w/Trimec post emergent weed control (Apply April 15th - May 15th)

(Recommended for yard full of weeds, otherwise just spot treat and move to Step #3)

* Covers 10k sq ft per 50lb bag

* TRIMEC kills broadleaf weeds on contact (Apply in morning, on wet grass, om a day without rain)

* Slow release fertilizer keeps lawn consistently green

* 3/4 lb of Nitrogen per 1,000 sq ft

Step #2 is a weed & feed that kills broadleaf weeds and fertilizes the grass. For this to efectively work it must be applied on wet grass for the chemical to kill the weeds, and it cannot rain for 24 hours so the chemical doesn't get washed off (early in the morning on a day with no rain). BUT depending on your lawn situation this may or may not be a necessary step. If you have a lawn full of weeds this is beneficial to knock out the weeds and green up the grass. If you apply step #1 on time and DO NOT have a yard full of weeds, we recomend keeping spray weed killer on hand to spot treat and moving on to step #3 in a few weeks (4-6 weeks after step #1) which will prolong the pre emergent and prevent late season crabgrass and weeds.


Step #3: 18-0-5 30%SCU w/1.03 dimension (Apply May 1st - June 15th)

* Covers 10-12k sq ft per 50lb bag

* 1.03 Dimension prolongs weed barrier and kills young crabgrass

* Slow release fertilizer keeps lawn consistently greem

* 3/4 lb Nitrogen per 1,000 sq ft


Step #3 reapplies another crabgrass control to extend the barrier to prevent any late season crabgrass and weeds, while also fertilizing to keep your grass green. This chemical is different from Step #1, it is called Dimension it prevents weed seed from germinating AND kills young crabgrass. 


Step #4: 16-0-8 30%SCU w/ Allectus Insecticide (Apply June 1st - July 15th)

* Covers 10-12k sq ft per 50lb bag

* Allectus Insecticide does a contact kill & systemically protects against grubs

* Slow release fertilizer keeps lawn consistently green

* 3/4 lb of Nitrogen per 1,000 sq ft

Step #4 is another fertilizer to keep grass green throughout the summer and also has Allectus insecticide which combines the power of two industry leading insecticides to give lawn care professionals, golf course superintendents, and now home owners unprecedented pest control. Allectus provides highly effective preventive and curative control of grubs and most surface feeding insects. One application provides up to 12 weeks of residual control; two applications give season-long protection. This convenient, complete insect solution eliminates the need for multiple applications of several products to increase productivity and effi ciency. Weekly waterings should be given if there isnt adequate rainfall.


Step #5: Over-Seed (highly recommended) with starter fertilizer & Solu-Cal Lime (Apply September 1st - November 1st)


                   24-5-11 50%SCU w/Iron lawn fertilizer & Solu-Cal Lime

* Covers 10-12k sq ft per 50lb bag

* Grass seed, starter fertilizer,  and Solu-Cal Lime

* Recommended to core aerate before seeding to loosen soil, ensure seed stabalization, and deeper root growth

* For BEST results, water every day until seed fully germinates (unless it rains), do NOT let seed dry out before it takes root (7-14 days)

Step # 5 is one of the most important steps of the program because it is prime time to plant grass seed to repair summer damage and thicken up your lawn. For best results you should core aerate the lawn to loosen the soil and ensure seed stabalization and deeper root growth. After core aeration is done you can apply starter fertilizer, Solu-Cal Lime and then grass seed last. Try to water daily to insure 100% germination within two weeks. Doing this for a few years will really thicken the grass and establish your lawn, which in return will make it easier to care for in the future.


Step #6: 32-0-6 Winterizer (Apply October 15th - December 15th, one + month after overseeding) 

* Covers 10-12k sq ft per 50lb bag

* Stores more Nitrogen for winter survival

* Encourages thick and rapid root growth in the Spring

* 1 lb of Nitrogen per 1,000 sq ft

Step#6 Winterizer is a higher Nitrogen late fall fertilizer designed to help lawns store more Nitrogen for winter survival, and to encourage thick and rapid growth and rooting in the spring. The best time to apply winterizer is after the grass stops growing in the fall, while it is still green on top and active below the surface. This is usually applied in mid-late November, or even early December. A simple reminder is when you put away your mower for the year, that's when you should apply Winterizer.


Other products can also be used depending on the conditions of your lawn

* SoluCal Enhanced Calcitic Lime: Highly recommended to be done at least once a year, SoluCal Lime sweetens the soil and keeps Ph balanced, whch is a main stable for a healthy lawn

* Solucal Enhanced Gysum: Helps break up clay soil

* SoluCal 4-0-6 w/Iron: Can be done during hot summer months. Mild fertilizer prevents burnout, Iron gives grass dark green color

* .5% Imidacloprid: Stronger than most products, Imidacloprid insecticide systemically protects roots from grubs, must be applied in June/July during egg cycle


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