Livable Lawn Program

Livable Lawn Program

1st State Seed Livable Lawn Program is a lawn fertilization program designed by the University of Delaware and customized by us to maintain lawns with a little less herbicides. This is a 5 Step program rather than our recomended 6 Step program.

1st State Seed Livable Lawn Program


Step #1: 19-0-6 w/.38 barricade (Apply March 15th - April 15th)

* Covers 10-12k sq ft

* Gives about 3/4 lb of Nitrogen per 1,000 sq ft

* Prevents crabgrass and other annual weeds

* Slow release fertilizer keeps grass consistenly green

* Also a great time to apply Solu-Cal Lime

Step #1 fertilizer with crabgrass control prevents crabgrass seeds and weed seeds from germinating. The slow release nitrogen gives the turf a nice green color overa 4-6 week period preventing burnout and stress on the roots for a more sustained root system, and the potash helps establish a strong root system. This is one of the most important steps to establishing a green weed free lawn; skipping this step results in a lot of crabgrass and weeds. This can also be applied with Solu-Cal Lime to sweeten the soil and make the nutrients more available to the turf, resulting in overall green healthy grass.


Step #2: Trimec granular herbicide, post emergent weed control (Apply April 15th - May 15th)

* Covers 10k sq ft

* Kills broadleaf weeds without fertilizing

Step #2 kills broadleaf weeds without fertilizing the grass. For this to efectively work it must be applied on wet grass for the chemical to kill the weeds, and it cannot rain for 24 hours so the chemical doesn't get washed off (early in the morning on a day with no rain). If you have a lawn full of weeds this is beneficial to clean up your lawn.


Step #3: 16-0-8 w/ Allectus Insecticide (Apply May 15th - July 1st)

* Covers 10-12k sq ft per bag

* This gives 3/4 lb of Nitrogen per 1,000 sq ft

* Insecticide does both contact & systemic treatment for surface and sub surface insects.

Step #3 is a fertilizer to keep grass green throughout the summer and also has Allectus insecticide which combines the power of two industry leading insecticides to give lawn care professionals, golf course superintendents, and now home owners unprecedented pest control. Allectus provides highly effective preventive and curative control of grubs and most surface feeding insects. One application provides up to 12 weeks of residual control; two applications give season-long protection. This convenient, complete insect solution eliminates the need for multiple applications of several products to increase productivity and effi ciency. Weekly waterings should be given if there isnt adequate rainfall.


Step #4: Over-Seed (highly recommended) with starter fertilizer and/or Solu-Cal Lime (Apply September 1st - November 1st, sooner the better)

* Over Seed the entire lawn to thicken the grass and repair any summer damages

* Great time to apply Solu-Cal Lime, if haven't already

* Fertilizer gives about .8lb of Nitrogen per 1,000 sq ft

Step # 5 is one of the most important steps of the program because it is prime time to plant grass seed to repair summer damage and thicken up your lawn. For best results you should core aerate the lawn to loosen the soil and ensure seed stabalization and deeper root growth. After core aeration is done you can apply starter fertilizer, Solu-Cal Lime and then grass seed last. Try to water daily to insure 100% germination within two weeks. Doing this for a few years will really thicken the grass and establish your lawn, which in return will make it easier to care for in the future.


Step #5: 32-0-6 Winterizer (Apply October 15th - December 1st, end of fall early winter)

* 1 lb of Nitrogen per 1,000 sq ft

* Stores more Nitrogen for winter survival

*Encourages thick and rapid root growth in the Spring

Step#5 Winterizer is a higher Nitrogen late fall fertilizer designed to help lawns store more food for winter survival, and to encourage thick and rapid growth and rooting in the spring. The best time to apply winterizer is after the grass stops growing in the fall, while it is still green on top and active below the surface. This is usually applied in mid-late November, or even early December. A simple reminder is when you put away your mower for the year, that's when you should apply Winterizer.


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