Earthway Spreaders

Why Choose EarthWay®

Earthway Products, Inc., started in 1965, is a family owned company based in North Central Indiana. EarthWay® designs, engineers, and manufactures high quality lawn and garden products used by homeowners and professionals alike worldwide. The EarthWay® EV-N-SPRED® brand is recognized as a leader in broadcast spreading, and our products are sold under some of the most recognized names in the fertilizer, seed, and lawn and garden industries. All of our spreaders, sprayers, and seeders are produced at our world headquarters located in Bristol, Indiana.


Featured Products

Each product that EarthWay manufactures goes through several quality-control reviews before being placed into the shipping carton for delivery to one of our dealers from around the world. EarthWay uses the combination of new robotic technology as well as time tested manufacturing methods to produce high quality, low cost products. 

From design though manufacturing, each step is evaluated to ensure that we deliver the highest quality and best performance products available.



WW Manufacturing

W. W. Manufacturing Co., Inc. is the sole manufacturer of products with the registered trademark “Lesche” and “King of Spades.” In addition to spades, the complete product line has grown to almost one hundred different items such as shovels, rakes, nursery carts, custom tracking trailers and other tools for the horticultural and landscape industries. There is also a specialty line of digging tools for the hobbyist. In effect, then, W. W. Mfg. Co. today is a perfect example of the traditional American immigrant legend: Walter Lesche came to the USA penniless, unfamiliar with the English language, but through hard work and ingenuity created and sustained an ever-growing business that contributes to American know-how for individuals and in the gardening and landscaping profession. All our products come with a 5 year warranty.