BioDynamic Farming

BioDynamic Farming

BioDynamic Farming


NEW BioDynamic compost tea NOW AVAILABLE     $5 per gallon, $20 per 5 gallons, $35 per 10 gallons


BioEnergetic Agriculture is an integrated, holistic, agronomic system where six essential components are managed in balance. BioEnergetic Agriculture unleashes the full power of living systems to work for the grower rather than attempting to duplicate or bypass fundamental natural forces.

#1 Physical – When combined with organic matter, soil is built when rocks are broken down into the base components of sand and clay. The balance of these physical components creates a highly productive soil structure.

#2 Biological -- Microbes, including bacteria and fungi, manufacture soil by breaking down rocks, minerals, and organic material into bio-available forms. The greater the diversity of microbes in the soil food web the more dynamic and productive the soil. Our compost tea recipe has maximum microbial diversity for use in your garden or farm.  

#3 Mineral -- Ionic elements are what plants consume in order to grow and reproduce. From these ions plants manufacture nutrients that support the planetary food web. Minerals are naturally occurring, elemental inorganic compounds that work in balance within the soil structure to provide plants with their nutritional requirements. We can write you custom recommendations with our Soil Test & Rx protocol. 

#4 Energetic -- Energy can be looked at in several different ways – magnetism, waves, light, heat, and electricity. Plants use and respond to energy in all of these forms to grow and regulate their metabolic processes. Consider the electrictiy of the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and "field sprays" and other methods of homeopathic frequency farming using biodynamic methods. 

#5 Water -- Water is often called “the river of life”. In all forms of agriculture, water is the conduit that dissolves, carries, and delivers oxygen and ionic elements into plant cells in order to create nutrients. Both inside and outside of plants, water molecules are structurally dynamic and responsive to the ions, minerals, nutrients, and energy that it carries. Therefore, the plant's ability to grow is proportional to the molecular structure and quality of the water. This is the value found in the implosion of the Microbe Maker brewing system

#6 Carbon and Oxygen -- Carbon and oxygen are the backbone of life and, with light, water, and ionic elements, initiate and support photosynthesis. Healthy soil captures CO2 in soil, whereas deficient soils release CO2 back into the atmosphere. While plants consume oxygen through respiration in the root zone, they produce a net gain released back into the atmosphere in order for life to breathe.


BioEnergetic Agriculture combines and balances the geology, chemistry, hydrology, biology, and energetic sciences of living systems. When BioEnergetic Agriculture is fully implemented soil, plants, microbes, minerals, water and energy work together to achieve productive and efficient metabolic and elemental cycling resulting in higher plant yields, substantial cost savings, and significant ecological benefits. 

In short, BioEnergetic Agriculture works in all growing applications through regenerative and restorative agronomic efforts to grow better plants and better people. 

This is what we do… if you are interested in how BioEnergetic Agriculture can work for you and your growing operation, please contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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