4x8 Tent & 2 - 600W LED's (FREE SHIPPING)

4x8 Tent & 2 - 600W LED's (FREE SHIPPING)

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The Gorilla Grow Tent (4’ x 8’) LED Package includes all of the following:

  • Gorilla Grow Tent 4' x 8'
  • 2 x KIND K3 Series L600 LED Grow Light
  • Active Air 6” In-Line Fan 400 CFM
  • Phat Filter 6"x20" (450CFM)
  • 6" Air Duct 25' long
  • 3 x 6" Stainless Steel Duct Clamps
  • 2 x 6” Clip On Fan
  • Active Air Hygro-Thermometer
  • Active Air Duct Fan Speed Adjuster
  • 2 x Hydrofarm Rope Ratchet 1/8” (pack of 2)
  • HydroFarm Dual Outlet Analog Grounded Timer

Itemized Product Descriptions:

Gorilla Grow Tent 4' x 8'

Gorilla Grow Tents are high quality, adjustable, and very durable. These tents are height adjustable to increase your yields and plant sizes up to 200%. They also run cooler than typical grow tents and are easy to use and maintain.


  • 1680D Diamond Reflective Walls that are 3-9X thicker than any other grow tent
  • light proof, odor resistant, quieter, and properly insulated. 
  • Durable frame can hold up to 500lbs on larger sizes for maximum safety and security
  • Patent pending Infrared blocking roof
  • Double-cinching ducting ports that are conveniently positioned for maximum efficiency
  • Long-lasting and heavy duty zippers
  • Durable floor liner that can hold enough water for any irrigation style
  • Large EZ View windows that make viewing your garden easy without compromising your environment
  • Doorways zip 360-degrees for access on all sides of the tent

KIND K3 Series L600 LED Grow Light

KIND LED K3 Series L600 Grow Light is the product of extensive testing, cutting edge research, and top-notch design to produce a professional quality grow light for the expert indoor gardener. This LED will outperform comparable HID lights in terms of energy consumption and overall yield, and will cut your electricity bill up to half!

These LED's are designed to project optimal PAR spectrums, including both blue and red wavelengths for maximum growth from the seedling stage through the vegetative and flowering stage. Each diode is separated evenly, and distributed carefully on the panel to output a very uniform light footprint. 

Each Light Emitting Diode (LED) is optimized in the L600 for high intensity output and minimal heat. The reduced heat output requires no direct air conditioning and reduces room air conditioning requirements drastically. There is no need for fans, ducting, and expensive hoods to cool the lamp. The efficiency stretches from the diode to the room, creating an easy to manage growing environment and much lower operating costs. 

KIND manufactures each LED Grow Light with innovative light-intensifying technology. Secondary Optic Lenses take the direct and reflected light and magnifies, directs, and intensifies each light beam to optimize light penetration in your canopy. This results in less light loss and larger, healthier plants.

Not every 3-watt LED is the same! Don't be fooled by other brands who offer 3 watt LED's at a fraction of the intensity. Each KIND LED is driven from a 650 mA current. High current in conjunction with Secondary Optic Lens Technology, and superior LED distribution on each panel leads to a superior grow light and a beautiful garden. Harness the power of the KIND K3 L600 LED Grow Light today!


Actual Wattage: 320w
HID Wattage Equivalent: 600w

Active Air 6” In-Line Fan 400 CFM

Active Air In-Line Duct Fans will keep the air moving through your garden. Active Air incorporates the latest fan technology in every fan they build. Active air fans operate extremely quiet, are highly durable, and recognized as a quality brand name throughout the horticultural industry.

  • Housing is built with metal and finished in ceramic coating, ensuring longevity
  • All components are UL-recognized
  • Molded impeller and thermally protected AC motor

Includes: mounting brackets and 8-foot pre-wired 120V cord

6” Clip On Fan

The 6” Clip on fan allows you to spread fresh air where your plants need it most. The design is compact and easy to place wherever you see fit. The fan uses a spring-loaded plastic clip that will not damage surfaces. The 6” Clip fan incorporates an adjustable head for control over the direction of the fans air stream. Each fan is built with high quality plastic blades and utilizes an easy-to-remove safety grill for simple and efficient cleaning. Use this fan for precision airflow in your professional indoor garden!


  • 6” adjustable-angle head that rotates 360 degrees
  • 2 speed settings
  • Strong, spring-loaded clip
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • 120V/25W
  • 6' power cord
  • ETL listed

Active Air Hygro-Thermometer

The Active Air Hygro-Thermometer is an extremely accurate way to monitor the temperature and humidity in any professional grow room. Active Air uses and extra large LCD display so that you can easily view the temperature and humidity from anywhere in your grow room.

Active Air Duct Fan Speed Adjuster

Hydrofarm designed the Active Air Fan Speed Adjuster to optimize airflow in indoor gardens. Hydrofarm has built the Active Air Fan Controller to perfectly accommodate the Active Air 6” inline fan contained in this grow kit.  

The fan speed controller will allow the professional gardener precise control over their ventilation. No more noisy motors! The Active Air fan speed controller reduces fan noise by providing an optimal electrical current.  Each controller contains a protection circuit to ensure the product works in case of a power surge or outage.

  • Voltage: 120V AC
  • 1-year warranty

HydroFarm Dual Outlet Analog Grounded Timer

The Hydrofarm dual outlet analog timer is the perfect solution for automating your indoor garden lighting and electrical. Timing your nutrient feedings, light schedules, and fans will optimize your growing environment and will lead to extremely productive garden.


  • 15 minute On/Off
  • 24 hour cycle
  • Can Control 2 separate outlets at the same time
  • 15 amps
  • Rated for loads up to 1725 watts
  • UL-listed 

HydroFarm 1/8” Rope Ratchet - 2 per pack:

Hydrofarm's new compact rope ratchets making hanging lights, filters, and other equipment in your garden simple as pie. Incorporated in each rope ratchet is a patented pulley system, Carabineer clips, and highly durable metal components to ensure longevity, strength, convenience, and simplicity. Each ratchet pair can hold up to 150 pounds, and each ratchet holds 75 pounds.


  • 2 rope ratchets
  • 4 carabineer clips
  • 2 six-foot cords

This includes the following individual products

Stainless Steel Duct Clamps, 6"
3 piece(s)
$2.98 / 1 piece(s) *
Active Air Fan Speed Adjuster
1 piece(s)
$23.98 / 1 piece(s) *
Phat Filter, 6" x 20", 450 CFM
1 piece(s)
$112.98 / 1 piece(s) *
Active Air 6" Clip Fan, 25W
2 piece(s)
$18.00 / 1 piece(s) *
Hydrofarm Dual-Outlet
1 piece(s)
$12.00 / 1 piece(s) *
Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer w/Hygrometer
1 piece(s)
$19.98 / 1 piece(s) *
6" In-Line Fan 400 CFM
1 piece(s)
$108.98 / 1 piece(s) *
1/8 Rope Ratchet - 2 per pack
2 piece(s)
$14.98 / 1 piece(s) *
Non-Insulated Air Duct 6"-25'
1 piece(s)
$17.98 / 1 piece(s) *
K3 - L600 - LED Grow Light (FREE SHIPPING)
2 piece(s)
$895.00 / 1 piece(s) *
4' x 8' Gorilla Grow Tent
1 piece(s)
$639.98 / 1 piece(s) *
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Product Note Status Price
K5XL750 - LED Grow Light (FREE SHIPPING) K5XL750 - LED Grow Light (FREE SHIPPING)
$1,245.00 *
K5XL1000 - LED Grow Light (FREE SHIPPING) K5XL1000 - LED Grow Light (FREE SHIPPING)
$1,695.00 *
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