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Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light combined with a strong durable Gorilla Grow Tent LITE gives you the perfect indoor controlled grow enviornment for any of your gardening needs.. all year round for less than $600 startup cost!


1 - Mars 700 LED Grow Light

1 - 2' x 4' LITE LINE Gorilla Grow Tent


The all new LITE LINE from Gorilla Grow Tent has been engineered for growers that want a Gorilla Growing Experience, but are on a budget. These tents feature the same quality as Gorilla Grow Tent, but with a few design changes.

• They are still height adjusting (extension kit not included)
• They still have a 100% steel interlocking frame
• They still feature the best zippers in the industry
• They still have EZ view windows, convenient tool pouches, 10" double cinching ducting ports, and sturdy spill trays

Gorilla Lite Line Grow Tents are professionally designed grow tents that are ideal for experts and perfect for beginners. Double your yields with the first ever height adjusting grow tent. This expertly designed grow tent is the perfect solution for those discerning customers that crave Gorilla quality, but are on a tight growing budget.

The expert configuration positions ducting ports where they should be. Large EZ View windows offer easy grow snapshots without compromising your environment. The doorways and wraparound zippers offer 360 degree convenient access. Large 10″ double cinching ducting ports make maintaining an ideal growing environment a snap. All metal interlocking poles provide a stable and strong growing enclosure that's perfect for indoor gardening success. Grow easy on yourself. Grow Gorilla.

• Height Adjusting with the patent pending adjustable extension poles (sold separately) allowing you to increase the height of your grow tent from 6′ 7″ to 7′ 7″

• Dependable and durable canvas provides a safe and secure growing environment

• Solid metal interlocking frame

• No plastic anywhere

• Biggest zippers on the market

• EZ View windows

• Diamond reflection technology

• 10″ Double cinching ducting ports

• Convenient tool pouch

• Bug resistant adjustable micro mesh pre-filters

• Sturdy flood pool

• Attention to detail EVERYWHERE

Product Description

The Mars 2 700w is designed to significantly reduce your costs of growing while ensuring maximum growth from your harvests. Perfect for large Scale commercial operations or simply your garden indoors and grow your favorite plants all year long.

With a record breaking 3'x 3' coverage the Mars 700 can easily replace a 350W HPS or HID traditional grow light, produce a superior yield and higher quality Flowers all while reducing operational cost to around 1/3!

MARS II 700 Features

remote controle
Optics Technology: Epistar™ 5watt single Chip (TOP-BIN) LED w/lens

Plug & Play Device:  there’s no need to purchase additional equipment.

Maximum Coverage: Covers a full 3' x 3' easily replace a 350W HPS or HID

Powerful: Next Generation Epistar™ High Intensity LED’s. (HI-LED)

MARS II 700 Technical Details


2 Year Warranty

MARS II 700 Specifications

Grow Light Details
LED Diode Brand:
Epistar™ (HI-LED) High Intensity
Power Consumption:
310w ~ 320w
Operating Requirements:
Input voltage: 85v-265v Amperage: 4.44@ 110v | 4.23@ 220v
Coverage Area:
3'x3' (92cm x 92 cm)
Hanging Distance:
24" - 30" (60cm -76cm) from the top of your canopy
Product Dimensions:
15 "x15" x 4" (39cmX38cmX9cm)
Product Weight:
19lb. 9Kg.
Operating Temperature:
85°F -105°F (30°C - 40°C)
Decible Value:
Plug Type:
Ships From:
UK,USA,Canada, Australia, Germany,China
2 years
Compare to HPS/MH/HID:
350 watt
LED Lens Degree:
LED Diode Count:
140 Pieces
440nm, 460nm, 630nm ,660nm,730nm(IR), 2700k-3000k
Product Model Number:



Easily scalable for Commercial growers and large operations

The Mars 2 series comes in a variety of sizes to meet virtually every growers needs. With so many size options the Mars 2 makes a great commercial light for scalable operations. The standard design not only makes configuring multiple light layouts easy but also simplifies the user maintenance and configuration.

Maximum power at a great value

The Mars II Series is built with the commercial grower in mind. Featuring a user friendly “Full Spectrum” design, you can easily grow your plants in any growth cycle required. Packed with the Next Generation 5 watt Epistar™ High Intensity LED’s you can be sure the intensity is sufficient throughout the full coverage area of the light.

Premium Epistar LEDs offer a long lifespan

Grow for years to come without having to replace your lighting system. 100% Plug & Play with no additional equipment to buy Mars 2 series grow lights are rated at 100,000 hours of use or more. Rugged case design, heavy gauge heat sinks, dual ball bearing fans and quality Epistar LED’s all come together creating a powerful and long lasting grow light .

Versatile for any soil or medium or horticultural environment

 Mars II Series will outperform your existing lighting configuration in virtually every horticulture environment possible. Have confidence in your light source growing in all types of soils hydroponics areoponics and more.

Commercial Application ready: Easy to service.

Each LED of the Mars II series has independent circuitry from the others meaning, if one LED Element goes out the others will continue to function. Also all power supplies are the same design so there replacement is easy as 1.2.3. Easily swap out a replacement part yourself and avoid lengthy repair times.

Reliable build quality: 2 year warranty

 We manufacture our own Grow Lights. Every element that goes into our products must pass a stringent performance and durability test. The Mars 2 Epistar™ Series features quality points such as: individual power supplies, TOP-BIN Epistar™ (HI-LED), Aircraft grade aluminum heat-sinks, Dual ball bearing fans, steel casing, Premium copper internal wiring and power cord. Following strict development guidelines and quality engineering is how we can offer such an extensive warranty on every grow light we carry. Buy with confidence, buy Mars Hydro.



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