Imidacloprid 5% 30lb bag

Imidacloprid 5% 30lb bag

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Imidacloprid (Merit) 0.5 g is a high concentrated professional grade product used as a foliar and systemic insecticide to kill those larvae, nymphs and adults of soil-inhabiting pests that are difficult to kill and suppress. Such soil pests include white grubs, chinch bugs, mole crickets, European crane flies, Japanese beetles, Green June Beetle, Northern masked chafer, Southern masked chafer and many more insect pests. The best time to apply Imidacloprid is during the months of June, July, and August so the roots can systemically absorb the chemical to protect against new born baby grubs eating away at the roots. 30lb bag covers 10k-20k square feet. 10k is a heavy application, 15k is recommended and 20k if you want to stretch it out. In stock year round onine and in-store. Quantity and wholesale pricing available.


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