Pramitol (vegitation killer) 1 Quart

Pramitol (vegitation killer) 1 Quart

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Pramitol 25E Herbicide Ground Vegetation Killer: If your looking to not only kill obnxious weeds & grasses but damage the soil for a year, look no further. Ideal for industrial and commercial applications where no vegetation is wanted. When applied, nothing will grow for 1 year or more. Can be used around buildings, storage areas, fences, recreational areas, fuel tanks, roadways, guardrails, airports, highway medians, pipelines, railroads, lumberyards, right-of-ways, and other similar areas. Controls johnson grass, bindweed, and other hard to control weeds. Also available in gallons and 2.5 gallons. Active Ingredient: 25% Prometon, Coverage Area: Up to 2500 sq ft per Quart


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Gly Star Plus 1 Gal (roundup pro) Gly Star Plus 1 Gal (roundup pro)
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Gly Star Plus 2.5 Gal (roundup pro) Gly Star Plus 2.5 Gal (roundup pro)
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