Quantum 400W Dimmable Ballast

Quantum 400W Dimmable Ballast

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Quantum 400W Dimmable 120/240vac Ballasts are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of indoor gardeners. By providing a truly unique dimmable function in an HID ballast, this ballast can be run at 100% and 75% power. The Quantum Horticulture ballast enables you to control the amount of light that you want to give your gardens.

• Run at 100% or 75% power
• Strike both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Bulbs
• Accepts 120v or 240v with no wiring needed (Both cords included)
• Accepts 50 Hertz to 60 Hertz with no extra wiring needed
• Runs 15% cooler than other digital ballasts on the market
• Has a continuous Power Factor of 99%
• The most stable output frequency of any ballast
• Higher lumen output than magnetic ballasts.
• Light weight and care free
• Comes complete with a sealed fan for efficient cooling of the circuit board
• Can efficiently be run on generators without flickering
• Resin sealed circuit board for high humidity installations
• Can easily be used in conjunction with lighting controllers and flip boxes
• 12 hour factory bench tested

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