Recharge Natural Soil Conditioner 8oz

Recharge Natural Soil Conditioner 8oz

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    • Complete Professional Strength Living Soil Superpack with Both Beneficial Bacteria and  Mycorrrhizae & Trichoderma fungi. 
    • Over 400 Million Beneficial Bacteria Per Gram by Far The Strongest Soil Beneficial Bacteria Superpack Anywhere!
    • Safe For All Gardening Styles and Media: Hydroponics, Soil, Soilless mixes, Coco Coir, and all in ground Home and landscape plantings. 
    • Concentrated. 1/2 Teaspoon per gallon is all you need.

 Recharge is the most complete living soil Megapack on the market and designed for gardeners who want to make performance gardening simple. A True Professional Strength product that can be used on any plant in any soil type. Recharge is 100% Natural  and Organically Based.

Size:  8oz, 1 lb, 5 lbs

Contains: Loaded with over 400 Million Colony Forming Units (CFU) of Beneficial bacteria, Plus trichoderma and Mycorrhizae fungi

Guarantee: We Know You Will Love Recharge! 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 Days.


My plants look great after a few weeks of using this super microbial superpack.
Recharge 8oz-Verified Buyer
08/19/14 Curt A. Great product, immediate results
 I have used recharge a few times now, both in bloom and in veg. I seen immediate results in both. Awesome growth. Will be ordering more soon. Thanks


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