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Product Description

Rx Green Solutions Axiom Harpin Proteins are a Plant Health Promoter and Plant Growth Stimulator that activates a plant’s growth and defense genes resulting in improved plant growth, increased yield and quality, and greater shelf-life. Axiom is the next generation Harpin Proteins originally found in Messenger® manufactured by Eden Bioscience. Harpin Proteins are produced in nature by certain bacterial plant pathogens and plants develop receptors on their seeds, roots, and foliage to detect the presence of Harpin Proteins which triggers an “early warning system” leading to increased plant yields and health. Axiom has extensive research and has multi-year University and field tested results on a variety of different crops.


  1. Increased Yields: yield increases of 10 – 30% in vegetable crops
  2. Improved Plant Health: Reduction of nematodes by an average of 50%
  3. Increased Shelf Life: Increases shelf life of fresh cut vegetables by 5-7 days
  4. Accelerate Plant Development: Increased roots, fruit size & number; early flowering, fruit set, fruit maturation

Directions for Use

Foliar Spray & Soil Drench Application

2.0g of Axiom mixed in 1 gallon of water and apply with a sprayer. Covers up to 1,000 sq ft.

2.0oz of Axiom mixed in 50 gallons of water and apply with a sprayer. Covers up to 1 acre.

For best results, apply in foliar form every 2 weeks in vegetative and reproductive stages and once during the last week. Apply Immediately Upon Mixing.
Do not over apply – Generates a systemic response, therefore only a light mist is required. If you experience plant stress after application, reduce rates used.

Seed Treatment Application

Soak your seeds in 2.0g of Axiom with 20ml of water or 1.0oz of Axiom with 250ml. Allow to dissolve into solution for at least 30 minutes and shake for 1 minute until Axiom is dissolved, then soak your seeds or tubers for 10 minutes prior to planting.

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