SPYDR 1200 GROW-MAX Spectrum

SPYDR 1200 GROW-MAX Spectrum

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The worlds first true LED replacement for 1000W Double-Ended High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights.  NOW ETL CERTIFIED TO UL SAFETY STANDARDS!


Built exclusively for commercial growers, the SPYDR 1200 is the world's most powerful LED grow light!  The brand new SPYDR 1200 LED lighting system uses an amazing 34% less electricity to deliver MORE LIGHT than 1000W Double-Ended High Pressure Sodium lights.   Due to an innovative optical system, the SPYDR 1200 can provide much higher PPFD (PAR) levels than 1000W Double-Ended HPS fixtures over a 4x4 grow area.  The SPYDR 1200 uses a breakthrough optical engineering design that allows you to focus the each light bar directly towards your plants.  Since we spread the LEDs evenly over the 36" x 36" fixture design, the SPYDR 1200 delivers a more uniform light coverage pattern compared to any other LED fixture on the market.  The SPYDR 1200 GROW-MAX spectrum is the perfect choice if you need to take young plants to maturity with maximum vegetative growth and flowering capacity.  Starting in May 2015, all of the SPYDR fixtures are now dimmable when used with a compatible dimmer (such as our SoLunar controller)!

Ten industrial grade, 3 foot long, high power LED light bars are arrayed on a rugged rack that allows tool-free adjustment of each fixture for light concentration and maximum radiation capture on your plants.  When the bars are evenly spaced in the fixture, you can expect PPFD readings of 1000-1250 mmol/m2/s at a 12" mounting height!  Because the LEDs are spaced over a 36" x 36" fixture design, this fixture does not produce the hot-spot associated with other fixtures on the market.  Hence, you can mount the fixture extremely close to the canopy without burning or bleaching the plants.  Many commercial growers are currently mounting the SPYDR 1200 at just 9" above the 4x4 canopy.  Since 1000W Double-Ended HPS lights need to be mounted at least 30" or higher above the plant canopy to avoid burning the plant with their extreme heat levels, the SPYDR 1200 is consistently delivering 70% more light to a 4x4 compared to 1000W Double-Ended HPS fixtures.

in addition to significant heat production, a major drawback to double-ended HPS lamps is the light spillage associated with their poor optical beam control.  But each of the SPYDR’s ten LED fixtures are adjustable on two axes, so you can easily maximize radiation-capture by keeping individual fixtures focused on the plants as they grow. High quality, tool-less hardware firmly hold the fixtures and make immediate adjustment to your light distribution pattern a snap.  The SPYDR 1200 is powered by state-of-the-art Mean Well drivers that consume a total of 670 watts.

GROW-MAX is our most energy-efficient growth spectrum and was designed specifically for those seeking maximum vegetative growth and flowering capacity.  Biased heavily towards the red part of the spectrum, it was created to maximize leaf expansion and radiation capture.  Field and lab tests allow us to guarantee this fixture will provide higher growth rates than any LED fixture at the same wattage.  If you need efficiency, this spectrum offers the highest PPF/Joule rating of any of our spectra options.

Each SPYDR 1200 is Built-to-Order in the USA with the highest quality materials, including top-bin LEDs from Osram.  By selling direct to our customers, we can offer prices substantially cheaper than any of our competitors.  

Included: SPYDR 1200 LED fixture (includes ten 36" LED light bars), power supply, power cord, plug and chain with mounting brackets to ensure the best installation for your application.  Each fixture uses 440 Osram LEDs evenly distributed over the fixture's 36" x 36" footprint!

Recommended when maximum growth rate and electrical efficiency are your top priorities.

Typical Applications:  Greenhouses, Vertical Farming / Multi-Layered Farming, Growth Chambers, Intra-Canopy Lighting, Supplemental Lighting (Vertical and Under-Canopy Lighting), Tissue Culture Labs and Research Projects

Shipping Options:
Your fixture will be securely packed and delivered by FedEx. DHL or USPS based on your location. When we receive your order, we will e-mail you an Order Confirmation. We will email you the tracking number as soon as we ship the order. You can use the tracking number to determine your precise delivery date.

In the unlikely event your fixture is damaged, simply e-mail or call us. We will need your Order ID which appears as “Order ID#0000” on your e-mailed Order Confirmation. We will issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA) so you can ship the damaged fixture back to us (at no charge). We will then build and ship you a replacement product. We build everything to order, but we prioritize warranty replacements above regular orders.

Prompt Turnaround!
Your LED fixture is built by hand in Austin, TX by people who CARE about quality and performance. Our goal is to produce your fixture, test it, package it, and get it into the shipping system within ten business days. Sometimes this will not happen due to weather, natural disaster, illness, or if we are just really busy! You will receive an email from one of our assembly team members when we start building your custom light.

Your fixture is engineered and built in the USA. It is a heavy duty, industrial quality product that is designed to last for many years. If something is not working properly, WE WANT TO KNOW. Feel free to send us your comments and questions at info@bmlhorticulture.com.


All of our LED fixtures are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for three years. We stand behind our products, so contact us with any questions pertaining to the warranty.

You are making an investment in a world class lighting fixture. We genuinely want to hear about any concerns or suggestions you may have. Our warranty details are located here. Terms and Conditions are located here.

For the fastest response, email us at info@bmlhorticulture.com


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