STEP #1: 18-0-4 Fert. w/0.426% Barricade

STEP #1: 18-0-4 Fert. w/0.426% Barricade

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The AndersonsĀ® 18-0-4 Turf Fertilizer with 0.426% BarricadeĀ® Pre-Emergent Herbicide, 50 lb Bag

Step #1 of our 6 Step Lawn Program this 18-0-4 30% slow release fertilizer with an increased amount of 0.426% Barricade, making the perfect formula of fertilizer and pre emergent crabgrass control. The Nitrogen gives the grass a nice green color while the potassium helps build thicker cell walls to strengthen the grass, while the 0.38% Barricade is a powerful effective way of preventing crabgrass and any weed seed from germinating.

Fertilize and stop grassy and broadleaf weeds with one convenient formula!

Strong in nitrogen, this blend does an exceptional job for that spring greenup. 50% of the total nitrogen is derived from NutriSphere-N, a proprietary nitrogen management tool that has been proven to prolong desirable turf color. With an active ingredient of prodiamine, the pre-emergent herbicide will provide excellent pre-emergent control of grass and broadleaf weeds in established turfgrasses and lawns. Controls annual grass weeds including crabgrass, goosegrass, annual foxtail, poa annua; and broadleaf weeds including common chickweed, knotweed, henbit, prostrate spurge, common purslane and more! We recommend, that for crabgrass control, you apply after April 20th for southern Illinois, southern Indiana, and Kentucky; after May 10th for Ohio, northern Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and northern Illinois; and after May 30th for Michigan. 1 bag covers 10-12k sq. ft.

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Delivery weight: 50 lb
Delivery weight: 50 lb
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