Turface MVP Infield Conditioner (50lb)

Turface MVP Infield Conditioner (50lb)

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The Perfect Utility Player!

For more than 50 years, no other conditioner has been used on more diamonds than Turface® MVP®. Its larger particle size is excellent for incorporating into infield mix, topdressing to create a consistent and level playing surface, helping prevent rain outs, and improving native soil for turf renovations.

  • Maintain a smooth, cushioned, playable surface for superior traction andplayersafety
  • Absorb excess moisture and improve drainage as a result of balanced air and water pore space
  • Fight infield compaction that leads to running, sliding and bad ball hop injuries
  • Ideal for new infield construction or renovation
  • Can also be used for soil, plants, bonsai's and conditioning purposes


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